New welfare receiving process


1. Open the official website and click on the upper right corner [Register] or click on the home page [Free Trial].

2. Enter the mobile phone number, verification code and password, and click "Register".

3. After the registration is successful, the system automatically sends 50 MB of traffic. Then click the authentication button for real-name authentication.

4. Enter your name and ID card as prompted, and then use Alipay to scan the code for authentication. (For enterprise authentication, you need to upload the business license, and you can get another 1G of traffic after the authentication is successful)

5. After the authentication is successful, open the Personal-central-IP whitelist configuration page and add the IP addresses of overseas servers to the whitelist. If you need to use the account password verification, you can contact the dedicated customer service

6. Click the navigation bar of the official website [API Extraction], select the country, region, quantity and protocol according to the requirements, and click [Generate API Link].

7. Put the generated API link into the script for use, or open the API link directly, view the address and port, and then use it. IP addresses must be extracted and used in an overseas network environment.

Lightyear technology has benefited from the support of the state and government along the way, but also cannot do without the trust and support of users. As an IP certificate enterprise in the dynamic IP industry, Lightyear has the responsibility and obligation to provide better products and services to the society.

This is not only an affirmation of our efforts, but also a starting point for us to start again. Lightyear technology will join hands with you to a better future!

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