How to extract and use IP through tunnel forwarding?


1. Open the official website of IPIPGO, log in, and click the navigation menu [tunnel forwarding] to enter the extraction page;

2. Select national and certification accounts according to demand; Click on the right to query the country code;

3. Session type: rotation (change the IP address once, change the IP address once each request) and sticky (the session connected to the proxy IP Settings will be maintained for a certain period of time, the longest session time is 30 minutes)

4. Select the generation format of the number of proxies in the generation proxy list (integers ranging from 1 to 1000);

5. click "Generate", you can download and copy the command, IP extraction is complete ~

6. Click the copy command to copy the generated proxy list

7. Open the computer [Settings] - [proxy] - [Manually Set proxy], enter the IP address and port and save

8. now you can visit the website, visit the website when you need to enter your proxy list [user name] and [password], click [login], again query the IP address when you can see is a foreign IP address

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