Hubstudio Proxy IP usage tutorial


Configure the IP proxy for IPIPGO in the Hubstudio Free Fingerprint browser

First, IPIPGO operation

Step 1: Register and log on to the IPIPGO website

Official website:

Note: The use of our package requires real name authentication, which is Alipay or Wereliance name, there is no leakage of customer information, please rest assured of real name!

Step 2: Buy a data plan

Note: You can not buy it at first. After registering the real name authentication, you will get a free 1G traffic test. After passing the test, you can buy traffic on this page!

Product Introduction:

The production level is divided into dynamic residential ip (ip will change), static residential ip (ip fixed), the so-called residential ip, the broadband ip given by foreign network operators to real family use, such ip is not easy to access the target address blocked. The equipment room ip address is the ip address generated in the physical equipment room.

Tunnel forwarding: Based on IP rotation, we can divide agents into two categories - rotating agents and non-rotating (sticky IP) (ps: compared to dynamic residential ip, there is an additional layer of rotation system, without customer extraction)

Step 3: Dynamic residential IP usage steps

Note: The prerequisite of use is that the customer environment should be overseas environment! The use of continental environments is not supported!

Mode 1: Tunnel forwarding (Fingerprint browser is recommended)

1. In this way, the client does not need to extract ip and port (as shown in Figure 1), but can directly set our domain name, port and account secret in Hubstudio fingerprint browser (the account secret can be seen after login).

Figure 1: (Point tunnel forwarding to get its own account key) :

Figure 2: (Introduction of each parameter)

Description of the parameters:

IP address: (fixed this domain name)

Port: 31212 (fixed this port)

Login User:

customer-account-Country-US-Session-region-NewYork-AAABBB-Time-3 (fixed in this format, You can remove the following Country (country), Session (sticky ip session), region (city) time (Sticky ip duration), case insensitive.

Password: specifies the password generated on the IPIPGO page

Rotation: indicates that the ip address is changed every time the browser requests it


Global IP rotation: customer-account

IP address rotation in the United States: customer-account-Country-US

NewYork IP rotation: customer-account-country-us-region-NewYork (region city list can be obtained by contacting customer service or sales)

Sticky ip addresses: Sticky proxy sessions that connect to proxy ip addresses are held for a period of time, up to 60 minutes


Global IP stickiness 30 minutes: customer-account-session-7a9b4d6a92e9495-time-30

Us IP Stickiness 30 minutes:


New York IP Stickiness 30 minutes:


he following describes the process for configuring the IPIPGO agent in the Hubstudio Multi-account security management system

The first step is to open the Hubstudo Hubstudio client's official website to register and download.

Step 2: Open the installed Hubstudio anti-association fingerprint browser.

Step 3: Click "New Environment" on the left and the setting environment interface pops up. Fill in your own information as required. When selecting the proxy type, it should be noted that the proxy IP of IPIPGO currently supports http and socks5 proxy protocols. Here we choose socks5 (we purchased the proxy IP of socks5 protocol on the IPIPGO platform)

Step 4: open the IPIPGO agent platform and obtain the agent ip account secret

Step 5: Enter the copied IP address and port number into the application of Hubstudio fingerprint browser. Copy the account password at the top right of the port list and fill it in the agent account and agent password of Hubstudio. If the account at the top right of the port list is Hubstudio and password is 12345678, then Hubstudio fill it in as follows and click Finish to complete the new environment.

Step 6, then go back to the environment list on the home page and click Open Environment

Then it's ready to use.

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