Generate commands after login

Parameter Description

Country specifies the country:

  • curl -x -U "customer-xxx-country-US:xxxx"
  • Region Specifies the region under the country:

  • curl -x -U "customer-xxx-country-US-region-Indiana:xxxx"
  • Session keeps the egress IP unchanged:

  • curl -x -U “customer-xxx-session-blsfjjsl:xxxx”
  • Time specifies how long to keep the egress IP:

  • curl -x -U “customer-xxx-session-blsfjjsl-time-1:xxxx” # 1 minutes
  • curl -x -U “customer-xxx-session-blsfjjsl-time-10:xxxx” # 10 minutes
  • curl -x -U “customer-xxx-session-blsfjjsl-time-30:xxxx” # 30 minutes
  • Parameters can be used in combination:

  • curl -x -U “customer-xxx-country-US-session-blsfjjsl-time-3:xxxx”