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Congratulations to Lightyear Technology on winning the National IP Certificate


The Value-added Telecom Business License of the People's Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the IP License) is the recognition sought by every dynamic IP service vendor. This certificate is the affirmation of the value-added telecom service of the enterprise by the state, and also the support of the dynamic IP service industry. For the enterprises that can obtain this certificate, it means that the service and technical strength of the enterprise has been affirmed by the state, and it is also the authoritative proof of the domestic Internet virtual private business, indicating that the enterprise has reached the high standard of the industry.

"IPIPGO" is a big data product of Nanjing Lightyear Network Technology Co., LTD. It is an enterprise-level service provider and a full range of big data collection. It mainly provides high-quality big data collection and information crawling basic resources for all kinds of Internet enterprises. Its main customers are Internet giants and first - and second-tier Internet companies. At present, IPIPGO has covered more than 240 countries in the world, available IP90 million +, has a professional operation and technical team to ensure the real-time product speed and stability.

Nanjing Lightyear Network Technology Co., Ltd. obtained the IP license issued by the state in February 2021. This is the national recognition of Lightyear's scientific and technological level and enterprise reputation, and the trust of users to Lightyear's related products and businesses. Every lightyear is proud of, this honor as a return. It is understood that the first batch of other industry brands to obtain this certificate are: "China Mobile", "China Unicom", "China Telecom" and other leading enterprises, Light Year technology is deeply honored to develop together with them.

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