How to use static IP?


Step 1: Register and log in to the IPIPGO official website

(Official website address: )

Note: Using our package requires real name authentication. The real name is Alipay's real name after desensitization, and there is no disclosure of customer information. Please rest assured of the real name!

Step 2:

Package Ordering - Static Residential - Purchase Static Residential IP

Step 3:

Static residential IP usage

Attention: The prerequisite for use is that the customer environment should be an overseas environment! Not supported for use in mainland environments!

1. Enter Personal Center - My Package - Static Residence, and click the "View IP" button to view the IP.

2. The specific IP address and port number are shown in the following figure

IP address:; Port number: 42000

Account number: 74b0A4; Password: 7j6x52p3

Note: The IP address and port number, as well as the account and password, are separated by |. Please do not copy | in during copying.

3. Search for "Proxy Server Settings" in the search box at the bottom of the computer and open it.

4. Enter and save the copied IP address and port number in the personal center.

5. Open Google Chrome and copy the account and password from the personal center to the username and password in the browser pop-up. Click to log in after completing the form.

6. Open the Baidu/Google search engine and search for: IP to view the IP address of the current proxy.

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